Mariah Ganek Designs


Mariah Ganek was born and raised in Carlisle MA. She stumbled into the world of theater when she was eight years old at summer camp, and has been studying the industry ever since. Now she is graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in scenic design and a passion for props. 

Interests include coffee, super hero movies, quoting Lord of the Rings, and being sarcastic. 

Mariah Ganek is a film, theater, and theme park artist based in Los Angeles with a BFA in Scenic Design from Carnegie Mellon University. She has been studying theatre, teaching herself to make props, and teaching herself special effects makeup since she discovered them at summer camp in her hometown of Carlisle, Ma. After graduating college, Mariah has been working in television, theatre, and film; working in multiple departments, designing, creating, and continuing to tell stories. 

When she isn’t working, Mariah has found a passion for music, a love of skiing, and the ability to quote Back to the Future from beginning to end.

Mariah is thankful to be able to do what she loves while also allowing for time to explore her other interests. Seeing her passion for theatre from a young age evolve into a full fledged career in the arts has been inspiring for her and she looks forward to being able to help tell stories she believes in through her art.



Creating Poppies for  The Wiz

Creating Poppies for The Wiz